About Us

Sauhard, founded in 2011, is a registered non-profit organization working for the betterment of society and to promote and establish peace, harmony and equality. Our vision is to “Empower the Youth to play a role in creating a better future through Conflict Transformation.”

Currently operating in Gujarat, we seek to sensitize and empower youth to express their opinions, ideas, concerns, and views over social and political issues through creative media because we believe in an open and enjoyable dialogue with the community to get our message across in a way that brings them into the “Sauhard fold”.

In order to turn young people into engaged citizens and create a country they want to live in where they may achieve their aspirations, Sauhard is creating a national movement that is led by youth, by providing forums for them to discuss their contributions to democracy and India’s progress. Sauhard works with numerous organizations in addition to the community of young people to bring about a systematic transformation and build the ecosystem of youth development work.