Empowering Youth for Positive Change
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We paint the canvas of change with creativity


We’re a group of crazy young people out to bring about a change that matters


Bunch of crazy young people working to make the world a place we’d like to live in since 2011

Sauhard, which means Harmony, is a youth-led organization with a powerful mission: to empower young people to create a better future through Conflict Transformation.

We believe in the importance of youth leadership, and our organization is dedicated to supporting young people in their efforts to make a positive impact on their communities. Our Youth is not the means to change, but rather the change themselves. With a focus on empowering the next generation, Sauhard is committed to making a lasting and meaningful difference in the world.

In today’s world where diversity is prevalent, the importance of cordial communication cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, its absence is keenly felt in our society, resulting in the creation of disparities that exist only in our minds. At Sauhard, we strive to provide a safe space for young people to discover themselves and explore new ways of being citizens. We believe that citizenship is not something that is simply bestowed upon us, but rather a fundamental aspect of our identity that requires us to be accountable for our actions. Our aim is to foster critical thinking skills that will empower future generations to live in peaceful coexistence and promote the spirit of fraternity.

We at Sauhard, believe in promoting conflict transformation by encouraging young people to engage actively with the issues that impact their communities. We understand the importance of collaboration and work closely with grassroots organizations and community groups to bridge the gap between different communities. Our aim is to create a more inclusive and harmonious society by fostering mutual understanding and respect among people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We recognize that there are barriers to be broken down, and we hope to contribute to this important work by bringing people together.

Our commitment at Sauhard is to empower young people who are passionate about creating positive social change in our world today. We believe in the power of raising our voices against conflicts, discrimination, and injustice. Our programs and initiatives are designed to inspire and equip young people to become active citizens, dedicated to building a better future for themselves and their communities. We are humbled to play a role in supporting these changemakers as they work towards a brighter tomorrow.